NCM Golf Systems Inc.



"I think it's an excellent product, our staff find that getting the bags in and out is much easier than it used to be. We have a lot less problems with bags being mis-racked or difficult to find or extra equipment left in racks. it's eased up the congestion, it's made it a lot easier to handle the bags and keep the place clean"

John Porter, Retired Head Professional
Rosedale Golf Club, Toronto, Ontario

"When we looked into changing our systems three or four years ago and we got a lot of comparison shopping, we got a number of quotes form the United States as well as in Canada and the Club Max was really the only one that I found that could accommodate two tiered racking in the clearance that we have with our ceiling which is under eight feet. It was either expand the building to accommodate the number of bags that we have or find a system that was mobile and could utilize the limited space that we have."

Bob Kennedy, Past Head Professional
Cutten Golf Club, Guelph, Ontario

"Most of the back shops in these traditional clubs are too small so this allowed us to double our capacity. It's very compact, it compresses into our space well and makes the space seem bigger. It allows us to service our members better. With the railing moving back and forth it makes it very easy to get the clubs out. If you have a member that needs a big bag versus a small bag that option is there for you to change it. It can be fixed or it can be rolling and that's a great feature. We transform that area into Winter School every year and you can roll those in and out, they're light weight, easy to move, easy to handle, all the edges are nice. It's a very easily installed system from design from actual was perfect. It fit in nicely. I would suggest there's not another system out there that can do what you've done for us."

Rob McDannold, Past Head Professional
Hamilton Golf & COuntry Club, Hamilton, Ontario

"Initially we started with the bag storage area and moved into the front inventory storage system. You've increased our storage capacity by 50%. Anytime we need any components you're there for us. Your service has been excellent and it's one of the things that we rely on."

Rob McDannold, Past Head Professional
Hamilton Golf & COuntry Club, Hamilton, Ontario