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NCM Golf Systems – Mobile Max: Movable Golf Bag Storage

Most Portable Golf Bag Storage Systems

NCM Golf Systems has grown into an industry leading company by creating solutions to problems that often arise in the golf industry. In order for our customers to effectively take care of their members, it requires unique services such as golf back drop. Members will require their bags be pulled from storage and relocated to a specific starting location. With this portable storage systems, the clubs staff can load and move multiple bags at one time and drop at the desired destinations.

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Move it to the Max!!!

These mobile golf shelving racks come equipped with roller bearing casters to help the unit move effortlessly. Dividers to help segregate and prevent bags from sliding while in motion.

Their steel design and construction, make these mobile racks for golf bag storage rigid and durable. Once your Mobile Max unit is set in place, convenient foot locks on each caster are provided to prevent the unit from moving out of place.

Using Mobile Max will help moving stored bags effortless.
These portable racks have:

  • Rugged steel construction
  • 14 bags capacity
  • Heavy duty lockable casters
  • Open Air Design
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